Lock Bot

V4 Change Log

This page will be periodically updated with details from the update log channel in the discord server. If you want the changelog as soon as it is released, join the discord server.
V4.0 Update (17/04/2022)
  • Move to v13 of discord.js-> rewrite of the whole bot
  • Move all commands to slash commands;
  • Documentation improvements & changes;
  • Fix some hyperlinks being broken;
  • All locking/unlocking commands have merged into two commands; enable and disable;
  • Most of embeds have been redesigned - making it user friendly;
  • Removed footer for the bot's name and version on all embeds;
  • Prompts (specifically in locking commands) will use buttons instead of reactions;
  • Anti Scam has been revamped that show the domain detected as malicious;
  • Commands that require roles (I.e maintenance mode locking role) will now ask you to ping/mention the role;
  • Locking commands now uses Sub Commands;
  • help command has been improved significantly;
  • Channel Lock has been configured properly so it works as it should;
  • permissions command has been revamped with the inclusion of buttons;
  • mute command has been replaced with timeout with the inclusion of Discord's Timeout feature;
  • invite command has been updated with a button to redirect to invite the bot;
  • idlookup has been removed as it was pretty useless;
  • setup has been completely revamped showing you how to use different modules;
  • panel command has been revamped which makes things look a lot simpler;
  • timeout now supports multiple formats (seconds, minutes, hours, days);
  • invite command now uses buttons to add the bot.
  • New Missing Permissions system;
  • Case Logs now exist which logs all moderation command usages;
  • Anti Dox Auto Moderation;
  • Admin & Mod System has been added back from v2 - the alternative way of Discord Permissions;
  • Warning added to message prefixed commands (i.e .help) instructing to use Slash Commands;
  • warn command;
  • unban command;
  • set-user command;
  • anti-dox command.
V4.0.1 Patch (18/04/2022)
  • Added news field to help command.
  • invites will now show you users invite information per generated invite.
  • Fixed serverinfo returning error upon executing;
  • Fixed a few undefined errors for Missing Permissions;
  • Fixed Admin & Mod System bugging out.
  • "Account" part of userinfo for mobile friendliness.
V4.0.2 Patch (21/04/2022)
  • Created fix preventing k-lock and b-lock from working for some servers;
  • Created fix which prevented anti-scam and anti-dox from working in all servers;
  • Added notification that commands are only available in servers (since some delightful people tried running commands in their DMs).
V4.0.3 Patch (11/06/2022)
  • Created major fix preventing shards from spawning
  • Changed panel command permissions to Manage Guild
  • Grammar fixes
Side Note: Lock Bot will not be expecting any updates for a prolonged period of time, bugs (major or minor) will still be patched although no announcements will be made for it. Suggestions: If you want/still expecting your suggestion within Lock Bot please mention it as soon as possible whilst we add it to our to do list. If approved, your suggestion will be implemented in the next major update.
V4.0.4 Patch (02/01/2023)
  • Fix Locking System for Ban & Kick Lock
  • Fix warn failure, no longer broken
  • Fix ban user-id not finding user
  • Fix timeout duration being triggered with 0s, 0m, 0d
  • Fix several security issues
  • Temporary fix on case-logs erroring out on "By Moderator"
  • Fixed several bugs on anti scam's detection of URLs
  • Re-added the Anti Scam DM users receive if they send a malicious URL
  • We've removed the "Times have changed" embed triggered if people use their old prefix and try to run a command