Lock Bot

Admin & Mod System

Lock Bot's Admin & Mod System has been reintroduced since V2 and even better yet improved.
Commands Disabled Globally

What is it?

Admin & Mod System is a system made away from Discord Permissions in order to give your, Moderators & Admins access over Lock Bot modules without the need of Discord Permissions, keeping your server safe.

How do I set this up?

You can use the /set-user command to set this up for your server.
The three roles are: moderator, admin and owner.
You can either add, remove or view a rank.
Examples of using this command are as follows:
/set-user action: Add rank: Moderator member: Miguel_#3687
  • This would add the user as a lock bot moderator.
/set-user action: Remove rank: Admin member: Miguel_#3689
  • This would remove the user as a lock bot admin
/set-user acton: View rank: Owner
  • This would display all of the users which Lock Bot recognises as an owner
If a user already has a rank and another one is attempted to be added then you will get a confirmation message: