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Anti Dox

Don't want users posting potentially sensitive information? Anti-Dox solves that.
Anti-Dox is a new module that aids to protect against users posting IP and email addresses (either their own or another user's).
You can check the status of Anti-Dox by running /anti-dox config:Current which will send the current Anti-Dox configuration of the bot.
Logging must be enabled in order for Anti-Dox to work.
To enable or disable Anti-Dox, you can run /anti-dox config:Enable or /anti-dox config:Disable and it will enable or disable it accordingly.
To update the punishment used, you can run /anti-dox punishment:action where actionis one of the following:
  • None for nothing.
  • Ban User to ban them.
  • Kick User to kick them.
  • Timeout User to place them in timeout for 15 minutes (currently non-customizable)
If Anti-Dox is triggered, a message will be sent to the channel where the offending material was posted and the incident will be logged.
Note: this module does not use real email or IP addresses to determine if one is contained in a message, a series of strings and formats are used to make this module work accordingly.