Lock Bot

Why isn't the prefix working?

We have moved to Slash Commands, meaning the prefix will now be /.

Where has "X" command gone?

We continuously strive to improve Lock Bot. Sadly, some commands did not share our vision so we decided to remove them.

What makes you any different to another Anti Raid or Raid Prevention Discord Bot?

We aim to give you total control over your server, this is why we don't have any Auto-Moderation features as of yet. You are able to customise a few things within Lock Bot to best suit you. We are not looking for competition from other Discord Bots, Lock Bot is there in case you need us.

Is it LockBot, lockbot, Lockbot (and so on)?

Good question! It generally doesn't matter but here on the documentation, we try to keep it as Lock Bot.

How do I become staff?

We currently are not looking for staff members right now. However, we do have an opportunity to help us out in the discord server. Please DM mesub#0556 for more information.

Does Lock Bot actually prevent raids?

Lock Bot can be used as part of a server management kit to help prevent raids. This includes using Discord's security verification levels as well as using another bot for verification. Depending on how many measures you have put in place, Lock Bot can be your second or third (last) form of defence if a raid occurs.

Does Lock Bot actually stop scams?

The simple answer is, yes! Lock Bot can scan every message sent for links, if links are detected within the message, it'll be scanned upon. If the link has been reported as a scam domain, the message will be automatically be deleted and you're able to customize the punishment the user shall receive!