Lock Bot is evolving with new and improved features ever so periodically! In order to maintain proper working function of the bot and due to usage, some commands haven't been brought into newer versions of the bot and/or have been condensed into existing commands.

Lock Bot strives to give you total control over your server with privacy in mind. With the ease of access of our auto-moderation system, your server can remain safe even when you're away. Competition is not our top priority, keeping you and your server safe is.

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Lock Bot can try to prevent most raids from ruining your server with our features along with Discord's security verification levels. We've stopped an estimated thousands of raids since the Version 4 update of Lock Bot. Be sure to use our Kick & Ban Lock for maximum protection during raids, or just for any use that comes to your mind.

The simple answer is, isn't so simple. Lock Bot can scan every message sent for links, if links are detected within the message, it'll be scanned upon the message being. If the link has been reported as a scam domain, the message will be automatically be deleted and you're able to customize the punishment the user shall receive! Lock Bot does not guarantee that all scams can be stopped.