# v4.0



  • Move to v13 of discord.js-> rewrite of the whole bot


  • Move all commands to slash commands;
  • Documentation improvements & changes;
  • Fix some hyperlinks being broken;
  • All locking/unlocking commands have merged into two commands; enable and disable;
  • Most of embeds have been redesigned - making it user friendly;
  • Removed footer for the bot's name and version on all embeds;
  • Prompts (specifically in locking commands) will use buttons instead of reactions;
  • Anti Scam has been revamped that show the domain detected as malicious;
  • Commands that require roles (I.e maintenance mode locking role) will now ask you to ping/mention the role;
  • Locking commands now uses Sub Commands;
  • help command has been improved significantly;
  • Channel Lock has been configured properly so it works as it should;
  • permissions command has been revamped with the inclusion of buttons;
  • mute command has been replaced with timeout with the inclusion of Discord's Timeout feature;
  • invite command has been updated with a button to redirect to invite the bot;
  • idlookup has been removed as it was pretty useless;
  • setup has been completely revamped showing you how to use different modules;
  • panel command has been revamped which makes things look a lot simpler;
  • timeout now supports multiple formats (seconds, minutes, hours, days);
  • invite command now uses buttons to add the bot**.**


  • New Missing Permissions system;
  • Case Logs now exist which logs all moderation command usages;
  • Anti Dox Auto Moderation;
  • Admin & Mod System has been added back from v2 - the alternative way of Discord Permissions;
  • Warning added to message prefixed commands (i.e .help) instructing to use Slash Commands;
  • warn command;
  • unban command;
  • set-user command;
  • anti-dox command.s