Lock Bot


Kick & Ban Lock Not Working?
The reason behind this could lead to a few issues:
  • You have some special characters in your lock reason, for example, ' this will not save to our database. You will have to remove these.
  • You have an emoji in your lock reason, this also cannot be saved to the database. You will also have to remove this.
  • Your message exceeds 100 characters. We've set a limit to prevent abuse of our database.
If Kick / Ban Lock does not action the user upon joining the server, you must report this to us in our Discord Server!
Maintenance Mode will not lock my server.
There could be several reasons why Maintenance Mode is not locking your server. Some can include:

My server channels exceed the 60 channel limit

You will have to remove the selected number of channels as given to use Maintenance Mode.

It just keeps saying 'Locking server...' but doing nothing?

You can report this in our Discord Server, we'd be more than willing to help you!

Server Unlock is not unlocking my server?

There should be an error to tell you what happened. If not, report this in our Discord Server.
Emojis not being displayed in a message or embed?
Due to Discord and their new permissions handling system, you'll have to enable External Emojis on the @everyone role in your server.
However, don't worry! If you don't want everyone having access to external emojis it can easily be overridden with a member role if you choose to have one.
Is Lock Bot Offline?

Lock Bot is offline in my server but not others

If Lock Bot show's it's offline in your server, but not others. You need to join our Discord Server, and ask for a developer to take a look into this issue and get Lock Bot back up and running in your server! Normally this is a sharding issue and shouldn't take long to fix upon being reported.

Lock Bot is offline in all the servers

Lock Bot could be globally restarting due to the latest bug fixes/patches or new commands. From when Lock Bot goes offline it may take 5-7 minutes to be fully up and running. If not, you will need to join Discord Server, and ask for a developer.