# Anti Scam

To help stop scam and malware links from being sent in your server, we've made this amazing fairly new module to stop them annoying links! Isn't that pretty cool? As scams and malicious urls are becoming more popular around Discord Servers, we just had to add this amazing feature, and, you can customize the punishment level! The message will be deleted for safety reasons on all punishments, of course.

Upon the module enabled, every single link found in a message will be scanned and checked to find whether it is deemed as a scam and/or malware link.

# How do I set this up?

You can now do /anti-scam, without any arguments, you will be given choices of what you can do. These include:


Enable - Enable the module.

Disable - Disable the module.

Current - Show the module's status (status of the module and punishment)


None - Only deletes the message and sends the trigger warning in your desired logs channel.

Kick User - When a link is detected, the user will also be kicked [with action message in channel].

Ban User - When a link is detected, the user will also be banned [with action messge in channel].

Timeout User - Places the user in a 15 minute Discord timeout.

# Examples

/anti-scam config: Enable

/anti-scam punishment: Kick User

/anti-scam config: Enable punishment: None

# What does the log show me?

We show information of the user, the reason the content was triggered and the punishment. An example of this can be:

# Why would I need this?

You may or may not need this. However, as Discord scams and malware are getting popular, we recommend you have this, just in case. The database we use is super reliant, from our friends at SafeLink. Other links which aren't detected will not be affected.

# How is this detected?

Our detection process relies on our friends at SafeLink that checks URLs we send it when Lock Bot looks for links in your server. Depending on what is returned, SafeLink can return a flag that could be considered a scam, malware or an IP grabber. Lock Bot will then take action against that user.

# I have a scam link that wasn't detected by the module

If a scam link has been sent into your server and has not been detected by the API, you can send a request in our Discord Server and ask for Miguel_#3687.