# Awareness of Scams

Aren't those Discord Scams annoying? We get it.

Over the years, we've seen Discord Scams rage out of control, ruining Discord Servers and compromising Discord accounts. Bot Developers help out Discord Servers and protect users in any way possible, but we can only do so much.

Since our Anti Scam got released, thousands of servers have enabled our module and have their server protected for whenever a hijacked account appears.

Unfortunately, they're moving towards User DMs which Bots cannot automatically control. Scammers try baiting you into joining their server, for many reasons. Which then leads you to 'verify' your account by scanning a QR code on your mobile. Awareness of these scams need to be spread around to as many people as possible to ensure that nobody falls for these scams and get their accounts hijacked.

# How do they get my account?

When you join their server, you will see a bit (normally disguised as Wick) to verify your account in order to access the server by scanning a QR Code on your mobile. When you scan it, they're able to get details such as: Account Token, Nitro, Billing Information, Billing Address, Phone number, email etc etc.

# How do I know if it's a scam?

Well, if you got what seems to be a sketchy DM about joining their server, it most likely is. Never join a server without having reason to do so. Another way is via the 'Verification' bot. If their bot is impersonating another bot (i.e a large Discord Protection Bot) [you can tell if it's a verified bot] by getting you to scan a QR Code. This is definitely a scam. No Discord Bots ask you to scan a QR Code in order to verify your device.

# What do I do if I fall for it?

There's not much you can specifically do, enabling 2FA on your account and changing your password. Going into Settings > Billing and removing any credit/debit card/paypal account linked to your Discord Account. Report to Discord via https://support.discord.com that your account may have been compromised and they shall do their best in order to retrieve your account back.