# Premium Terms of Service


Terms of Service for Lock Bot Premium and Lock Bot Platinum.

Lock Bot Premium Services follow the same general Terms of Service located on the Terms of Service page while also binding through these separate Terms of Service that solely apply to anything bought through the Lock Bot Network or anything bought through our services. You automatically agree to these terms upon purchasing Lock Bot Premium services. The Lock Bot Network has no minimum age on purchasing, however we encourage that you are of at least 13, have permission from a parent or legal guardian or the legal age of majority in your country to purchase services.

Use of Additional Paid Services: to manage payments, we use third-party payment processing to receive payments. By providing your payment method to us through a third-party you agree that:

  • You are authorized to use that payment method;
  • You are able to pay for the service;
    • Automatic monthly payments can be made upon choice otherwise service must be cancelled by the user.
  • The information provided is true and accurate;
  • The payment information provided may be retained for future services.

The Lock Bot Network accepts most payment methods using a third-party application to manage billing and information.

We may allow you to purchase subscriptions to premium features and content. All fees and prices are clearly stated on the purchasing page for the services.

The Lock Bot Network will automatically bill you starting from the date of purchase on the service of your choice (if the payment method is successfully charged). If you select PayPal, you will be charged on the same day each month. Otherwise the next charge will be on the applicable date and then the first day of each month. You can cancel or edit a subscription by going to 'Manage Contributions'.

Price changes may occur where the service costs more or less, we reserve the right to lower the cost of service without notice and to raise the cost of service with notice through our third-party billing application.

Cancellations can occur at any given time, just go to our premium subscription page and manage your current ongoing premium subscription. We may, in our sole discretion, choose not to cancel a subscription immediately for non-payment, in which case you will continue to be responsible for the fees due for the duration of the applicable subscription. In addition, if you fail to pay for a subscription, we may suspend your rights to use that premium service or we may change the type of privileges you have to a non-paid version of the service. We also reserve the right to cancel the premium service at any given time if the user violates any of our terms.

If taxes and fees apply to your service, you are solely responsible for the costs of those taxes and fees.

The Lock Bot Network does not allow refunds for the following items:

  • Monetary Donations and/or Contributions.
  • Any premium service bought in the Lock Bot Network.

Upon donating or purchasing a monthly or recurring subscription to a premium service, you'll be provided with an invoice and receipt in the email provided with your payment method.