# v4.0.6


Well this update is an interesting one. A lot of bug fixing and new additions. Our next update is a major update, stay tuned for that!

# Website Changes

# Bot Status

To give you a consistant look on how Lock Bot is performing, the brand new status webpage shows each clusters and shards performance! Any issues that are detected will go through the status, updating it, and it'll try it's best to resolve the issue on it's own. This feature is currently in beta testing phase, and as such, users should anticipate occasional bugs and unexpected behavior. Check it out at https://lockbot.dev/status

# Styling Changes

I've updated some minor styling issues on the website and dashbaord as a whole. Hopefully that should fix some things. The Team has a lovely border and shadow around it now. Doesn't that look nice?

# Adding The Bot

On the dashboard, we will now show you guilds that Lock Bot is not in, but you have permission to add. Well, that makes life simple!

# Bot Changes

Mostly bug fixes in this version but I've fine tuned some things!

# Anti Scam & Anti Dox

Both modules have a different look to it. Try it out and see. (There's some issues deploying commands to Discord that I'm looking into fixing - just so you're all aware)

Updated (12/04/24)

  • You can now report false positive domains in your logs embed! This gets sent off to our provider to double check. Please Note: You can get temporarily banned from reporting false positives as this breaches our Terms of Service.
  • The Anti Scam log will now have a button that will redirect you to our docs containing 'How is this detected?' for more clarity.

# Documentation URLs

When you view help on a specific command, there's a button that redirects you to our documentation. When we changed, all of the links broke, now I've fixed them!

# Slowmode

Slowmode now shows you the previous time set on that channel.

# Anti Scam Reactions

You can now disable (or enable) reactions on Anti Scam detections, via the bot and the dashboard!