# Terms of Service


These terms will outline what our service is, what we do with it, and what that means for you.

The Lock Bot Network is privately owned and is not held liable to uphold industry standards, all services are maintained at-will. Lock Bot is held under the 'Modified BSD License'. Please read these Terms of Service completely before proceeding to use or operate functions of the bot.

The Lock Bot Network reserves the right to terminate your access to the bot with or without any advance notice for violating the Terms of Service. These terms were updated on 21 April 2024 and are effective as of 21 April 2024.

Owned and Operated by: Adam_V, Soocle, & Miguel_

Developed and Maintained by: Miguel_, & the Lock Bot Development Team

Lock Bot is a Discord application that allows you to use a multitude of features to keep you safe. Our services may include access to features that can be paid for monetarily.

Lock Bots services are provided by the Lock Bot Network and select service providers. Lock Bot is a privately owned group of members based off of Discord.

Lock Bot does not have an age requirement to operate and use it's features. However, the Lock Bot Network does recommend that you are at least the age of 13 to access and use Discord or meet the minimum age of digital consent in your country.

As the Lock Bot Network is privately owned, we try our best to introduce and implement new services to keep our service at the top of it's game. While we do try to prevent service downtime, it can be inevitable and some actions may occur that cannot be undone. We are not liable for any service disruption or damage done to servers if a service disruption or server downtime occurs.

Lock Bot does not store, copy, or use any of the content that is posted or sent in your server.

We respect the intellectual property of others and expect our users to do the same. Lock Bot does not permit the usage of logos, banners, or any insignia of Lock Bot to be used anywhere without the written permission of its management, directors, or hereby stated otherwise. If you would like to use anything for advertisment purpose, contact a member of the Lock Bot Management Team outling your request for the usage of any Lock Bot branded material.

The Lock Bot Network does not charge for any of its base services, features or functions. However, Lock Bot does have additional services that are available to users at an extra cost. You also automatically agree to the Premium Service Terms of Service by purchasing any additional service through the Lock Bot Network.

As the service is free, we expect all users, in good faith, to use the service in a respectable manner and in authorized and acceptable purposes. Using the bot in any of the following activities can lead to the Lock Bot Network suspending, restricting, or completely blocking the usage of the bot.

  • Using Lock Bot as an "aid" in any illegal activity. We ask that you do not use Lock Bot to aid any activity that could be considered illegal. Although, we prefer that any illegal activity be reported to Discord or local authorities, we will do our best to protect the services of the bot.
  • Using Lock Bot to abuse or harm its operation. This includes trying to gain access to any Lock Bot server, its code, attacking the service (DDoS), abusing or defrauding, misusing features or using our intellectual property without permission. Excessive usage or ultilization of provided features without substancial justification is also prohibited.
  • Using Lock Bot to submit false reports. As some of our services rely on third-party API's or Databases, you are allowed to submit "False Positive" reports via our Anti-Scam Violation Log that is posted to a channel of your choosing. Users are prohibited from reporting links as "False Positives" without any justification pertaining to the safety and possible threat it may cause to users and/or Lock Bot services. Excessive usage or ultilization of provided features without substancial justification is also prohibited.
  • Using Lock Bot to submit false reports (Cont.). Users are prohibited from submitting false Bug Reports via the Lock Bot website. Excessive usage or ultilization of provided features without substancial justification is also prohibited.

You have the right to terminate your service. You can stop using Lock Bot at any given time for any given reason. We store no information, simply removing the bot from your server terminates the service, unless you are subscribed to a premium service. We cannot terminate subscription based services for you on your behalf, you will have to cancel through our Third-Party Payment System.

We also have the right to terminate your service. The Lock Bot Network reserves the right to suspend or terminate your service to some or all of our services with or without notice, at our discretion if:

  • You breach our Terms of Service, including Restricted activies outlined by the ToS;
  • There is reasonable belief that termination is necessary to protect Lock Bot, its services, and/or partners.